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Mecha Mania: How To Draw Warrior Robots, Cool Spaceships, And Military Vehicles (christopher Hart Titles)

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Mecha Mania How To Draw Warrior Robots
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Author: Christopher Hart
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Mecha Mania: How To Draw Warrior Robots, Cool Spaceships, And Military Vehicles (christopher Hart Titles) is a must own child's book. The author is Christopher Hart and it was published in November of 2002 by Watson-Guptill. The book has 128 pages and it contains plenty of black & white drawings. It highlights Mecha and Robots. To get the best deal on a copy for this children's book besides other books, click on the shopping cart link below.

Mecha, a generic term properly recognized in the manga and anime community, is brief for mechanically-based humanoids— as nicely as anything else mechanical, high-tech, and really cool. From the Gigantor animated TV series within the early '60s to today's Neon Genesis Evangelion, mecha could be the king of anime. Whether one's a beginning or professional artist, Mecha Mania could be the best how-to reference ever published for mastering this hot, hot comic book art. Mecha is also popular in such Nintendo, Playstation, and Sega Dreamcast laptop or computer games as Mech Warriors, Battletech, and Combat Assault Vehicle. Most Japanese mecha animation features giant robots in epic battles. Mecha Mania demonstrates how easy it is often to draw fantastic mecha vehicles, robots, space stations, and a lot much more. The 300 step-by-step illustrations make it simple for anyone to master this wildly popular comic book genre and achieve dramatic outcomes. These giant robots are as tall as buildings— and teenage heroes enter the robot's deathpit and navigate it like a fighter jet. Comic book and animation fans hunger for mecha. Also included are informative interviews with a business that creates mecha-based games and a Japanese publisher of mecha. Mecha Mania features all the coolest mecha designs and variations, along with outrageous battle scenes. If it can fly, swim, fire a weapon, explode, or destroy stuff, it's mecha. Whilst some budding artists could not have a feel for human anatomy or drawing the expressive faces of cartoon characters, anybody who can draw blocks and circles can draw mecha.


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