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Ralph Masiello's Robot Drawing Book

4 stars
Ralph Masiellos Robot Drawing Book
ASIN: 1570915369

Charlesbridge Pub Inc

Author: Ralph Masiello


Demonstrates step-by-step how to draw such 'bots as the Sparky Springbot, Bakerbot, Bellybot, and those essential spare parts!
Ralph Masiello's Robot Drawing Book is an awesome child's book. Written by Ralph Masiello and the publisher is Charlesbridge Pub Inc. It was available on the 1st of July, 2011. The paperback book is concerning Robots in art as well as Robots and it is thought to be awesome juvenile literature. The book is 32 pages long and it has beautifully colored illustrations. Simple steps make anyone an artist, click the weblink below.

Illustrator Ralph Masiello shares his love of robots in this newest addition to his popular drawing series. Bonus challenge steps show the way to add claws, armor, and other fantastic features. Step-by-step diagrams show young artists the way to utilize basic shapes and lines to make basic robots. Challenge steps and a visit to the"spare element warehouse"encourage kids to customize their designs with dials, switches, and antennae.


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