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Robot Dog

4 stars
Robot Dog
ASIN: 156148489X

Good Books

Author: Mark Oliver


In the junkyard where they live, Scrap and the other slightly defective robot dogs find a surprising new owner.
The author is Mark Oliver and it was published by Good Books. This book became available sometime in 1969. The children's book is concerning Dogs and is thought of as very good fiction. The book is 28 pages long and it has colorfully illustrated artwork. To see the cheap price I discovered, click on the link below.

In a factory on a hill, a large machine creates robot dogs for owners eager to feed and play with the lively creatures. The yard could possibly be a comfortable place, however it is never very precisely precisely the quite identical as locating an owner. But when Scrap dents his ear, he is exiled to the junkyard where all of the other rejected creatures live with out someone to care for them. What can the rejected dogs do? With adorable illustrations, this charming tale could be the perfect story for any child searching for a place in the globe. All dogs, even robot dogs, want an owner.


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